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lifestyle_placeholderPrepare for a possible luncheon job interview by knowing proper dining etiquette.

Maria Doll is an etiquette consultant and the owner of Leadership Matters, a company providing young people with a positive image.

She said it’s important for new grads to know proper dining etiquette in case a job interview takes place over a meal.

“Dining etiquette is more than knowing which fork to use,” she said.

“It has much more to do with creating bonds with others.”

Doll outlines her best tips for those interested in showing proper etiquette, and to give a person confidence over a business meal.

Choice of Meal

Doll suggests avoiding any type of meal that could be messy to eat. This includes: pasta, finger food or anything
awkward to handle.

Also noted is the importance in ordering from the mid-range of the menu in regards to price.

Pace of Meal

Order similar items to your dining companion. For example, if they order a soup, order a salad so they aren’t eating it alone.

Pick up the pace or slow down as needed to finish at the same time as
your companion.


Once cutlery is picked up, never place it back down on the table to keep linens clean.

If cutlery is to be placed on the plate, do so in a triangular shaped fashion. When you are finished, place the knife and fork at 10 and 4 o’clock.

When eating soup, move the spoon away from you as you scoop, instead of towards you. Also, do not use the packaged crackers.


Napkins should be taken off the table and placed onto your lap when seated. Only use the napkin to wipe your mouth, never to store food, or blow your nose.

Breaking Bread

Pick up a bun, place it on the little plate on the left, and pass the basket to the right. Take a piece of butter, and place it beside the bun. Eat the bun piece by piece, and no sawing it in half.


Always chew with your mouth closed and when speaking, do so with a mouth empty of food.

Wait until all of the guests have been served to begin eating yourself. Keep the discussion light and do not talk about anything that could potentially upset somebody else’s stomach.

 Other Tips

Always ask for condiments to be passed.

It is impolite to reach across the table.

When someone asks for salt and pepper, always pass them as a pair. Remember to keep elbows, cell phones, purses and anything else off the table. Never apply lipstick, pick your teeth, or announce you are full to the rest of the table.

“Practise makes perfect,” said Doll.

If you practise these dining tips, they will become second nature. In doing so, it will give you the confidence you need to be comfortable in any dining situation.

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