Laticia Castillo, a third-year diesel equipment technician, made her way to Calgary from Surrey, B.C. to attend SAIT and play with the Trojans.

“I chose SAIT because it was close enough to home and because they had what I wanted to study,” said Castillo.

It’s her third year playing on the Trojan’s hockey team, and for the month of January, Castillo was named The Weal’s Trojan of the Month.

It’s a huge honour to be named Trojan of the month.

SAIT Trojans women's hockey team Laticia Castillo is ready for some hockey action in SAIT Arena in Calgary on Thursday, Jan. 21, 2016. Castillo recently received the SAIT Female Athlete of the Week award for her outstanding performance in recent games. As of Thursday, Jan. 21, 2016, SAIT Trojans women's hockey team sits third in the Alberta College Athletic Conference. (Photo by Andy Maxwell Mawji/The Weal)

SAIT Trojans women’s hockey team Laticia Castillo is ready for some hockey action in SAIT Arena in Calgary (Photo by Andy Maxwell Mawji/The Weal)

“I never thought it would ever happen to me,” said Castillo. “I think it’s because I’ve been keeping a positive attitude lately.”

Being named Trojan of the month wasn’t something she had expected from herself, she just minded her own business and did her own thing without realizing the encouraging effects it had.

Castillo believes her confident attitude is stemmed from outside sources, such as her girlfriend, Sarah Desrosier.

Desrosier and Castillo met over three years ago at a mutual friend’s birthday party. After that, they remained friends for a long time.

They became official in April.

Castillo said Desrosier attends every game, supports her and is her biggest fan.

“I don’t think I could have done it without her,” said Castillo.

“I talk to her before and after games as part of my ritual.”

She helps with Castillo’s mental game.

Also, her team in front of her playing really well defensively as well as offensively has played a big part in both her and her team’s success.

As a goalie, she feels playing comes from having a confident mentality and with the rituals she has, they definitely played a role with her success.

“When I’m on the phone before the game, Sarah gives me a little pep talk that helps me get in the mind set where I feel good and ready to go.

“It’s just a ritual I have with her. You could say I’m superstitious—as all goalies are.”

Castillo got started in hockey when she was younger because her sister began playing before her.

“At that age, whatever my sister was doing I wanted to do it too,” said Castillo.

“I kept going because I started to get really good at it and was getting noticed a lot by scouts. I was even invited to some selection camps and a skills competition.”

She also loved being part of a team that eventually turned into family and getting to travel to play hockey.

“Something that not a lot of people know about me is that I like my Sunday morning with a coffee sitting in the kitchen looking outside the window and just doing nothing.

“It’s kind of my time to just chill out and relax and refuel for the new week.”

Don’t be fooled though, Castillo does have a life outside of hockey.

Some hobbies she has outside of hockey are working out and CrossFit.

“Some day I hope to compete in CrossFit Games,” said Castillo.

“I also play video games from time-to-time.

“Another hobby I have is napping.”

For her, there is never enough hours in the day to do everything, because of that she mainly does these things in her off-season just so she can do something different from hockey.

“As for video games, I don’t do it all the time but I do have my binge day or three days in a row.”

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