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placeholder_execcornerA typical student will come across many instructors at SAIT. They play a role in our learning by conducting or facilitating the classes we are enrolled in.

From a student engagement perspective, teaching is not just about academic content. Any student can learn from experience and insight, but the pursuit of knowledge and growth means much more when it involves connection. It increases our sense of identity and of belonging. When we learn together alongside people who are approachable and caring, we ultimately are happier and more inspired to achieve.

In our busy lives, we may overlook the need to show appreciation for the work that great people do, but the SAIT Students’ Association (SAITSA) has made it possible for SAIT students to honour instructors who contribute to the improvement of the student experience.

When people are recognized for their contributions, they tend to feel more engaged and committed to what they do. A nomination for an Instructor Excellence Award provides the opportunity for students to recognize good instructors and to motivate these amazing individuals to continue doing the great things they do by showing they are valued and appreciated.

We understand that these Instructor Excellence Awards are highly valued by instructors year after year. Rather than putting focus on what doesn’t work, taking the time to share the things we value and putting emphasis on celebrating awesome can do more to encourage and challenge other instructors to do better to improve the student experience.

And yes, you can nominate more than one instructor.  Submit in your nomination before March 1 by visiting:

Each year, students are encouraged to nominate those instructors who made a lasting impact on their time at SAIT, and who possess any or all of the following qualities:

  • Provides extra time and resources above and beyond the call of duty
  • Is accommodating, sympathetic and respectful to student concerns and lifestyles
  • Utilizes multiple resources to appeal to different learning styles
  • Has outstanding organization and preparation for class
  • Has interest and enthusiasm for teaching and student success
  • Has fair testing and grading
  • Embraces diversity
  • Has a willingness and appreciation for students’ input and questions
  • Fosters a positive classroom environment
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