So we meat again

Burgers, waffles and hot chocolate together, the trio can be found in a new Calgary restaurant.

The Calgary food joint Burger 320 opened its second location in the depths of Kensington at 126 10 Street N.W. on Nov 25, 2015.

The original location, at 814 1 Avenue N.E., famed for both its food and for naming the restaurant after its square footage, was rated number one in the fast and homegrown poll for the Calgary Herald’s 2014 battle of the burgers.

Chef and owner Mario Spina has been in the restaurant industry for more than 30 years, cooking everything from burgers to pizza in his food truck, and he was a contestant on Chopped Canada in 2014.

With the original location, there are only a handful of chairs inside the restaurant, allowing only a few customers to eat in. However, the new location has ample seating for all.

The Kensington location’s wooden interior and open concept is a perfect fit in the neighbourhood renowned for its rustic charm.

The atmosphere is relaxing and inviting, a fact Spina is proud of as he considers the restaurant to be his home.

“We love what we do, that’s why we do it,” said Spina.

It’s as if everything in Burger 320 was done with purpose, from the wooden bar tables lining the southern wall standing directly across from the counter and kitchen, to the wooden flat plate and utensils used to eat your meal and stir your affogato, a hot chocolate beverage with your choice of gelato mixed in, like a hot chocolate float.

Directly above the counter is Burger 320’s daunting menu, offering everything from a buttery waffle dusted with icing sugar, to the vegetarian burger consisting of a grilled portabello mushroom patty, garlic aioli, truffle salsa, brie, arugula and tomato candy.

The food is phenomenal, and with extraordinary waffle combinations appealing to everyone’s inner five year-old, poutines and complex burgers with buns literally branded with the Burger 320 logo, there is plenty to choose from.

Burger 320 originally served only burgers, but Spina decided to bring in another element in an attempt to put the restaurant ahead of the game.

“It’s time to show Calgarians how to make a good waffle,” Spina said.

Should one choose a waffle at Burger 320, they have the option of either a light and sweet liege waffle, or the heavier and crunchy Brussels waffle both with a plethora of topping selections.

I opted for the s’mores on a liege waffle. It’s a decadent and at times overpoweringly sweet meal topped with roasted marshmallow, chocolate drizzle and graham cracker fragments. It’s paired perfectly with the aforementioned affogato made with tiramisu gelato— if you have a sweet tooth that is.

With the unique and sometimes odd options found at Burger 320, one would expect it to cost a small fortune to eat there, but in reality a burger or waffle with a drink is in the neighbourhood of $20.

Unfortunately the burgers don’t come with a side of fries, but they can be ordered for extra.

The patties made from fresh brisket and the piles of toppings help to compensate.

Cost of meal without tip: $17

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