Can you hear me yet?

From Jan. 26 to 30, the Trojans will be on campus making some noise for mental health.

January tends to be the saddest month of the year for most people.

“We find that is when a lot of people tend to get cabin fever,” said Billie Rae Busby, the marketing and communications coordinator for the Trojans. “So it’s a great time to talk about mental health.”

The Make Some Noise for Mental Health campaign kick-started last year and now, in its second year, 17 other schools in the ACAC have taken on the campaign, which will be running throughout January.

“The great thing about this, is the athletes will be seeing it in their away games as well as here at SAIT,” said Busby.

Jocelyn Wynnyk, a Trojan on both the hockey and soccer teams, involved herself with the campaign for the second year in a row.

“If you don’t have good mental health it affects your schooling, which will affect your games and practices,” Wynnyk said.

“It really weighs you down.”

Each day of the campaign, there will be different events working to break stigmas around mental health and make students more aware of the resources on campus.

The Trojans are going to kick it off with a mobile pep rally. And this year, it is going to be bigger with more student athletes and staff involved.

On Wednesday at noon, there will be a special spin class with a DJ in the atrium.

“The main reason we are doing this, is to promote wellness and recreation as a way to cope with mental health issues,” said Busby. “It’s going to be loud, after all it is called ‘Make Some Noise.’”

There will be Thursday yoga in the gym and then culminating with two days of events at the Trojan games on the weekend.

Wynnyk likes that the Make Some Noise campaign is tailored to student athletes.

She said it’s great that the aim is to get rid of the stigma around mental health in hopes that people who are scared to open up about it find more comfort in talking to someone.

“It’s becoming more normal for people to talk about their mental health and reach out,” said Wynnyk.

Having other people around who understand and care could help and have a positive impact on someone struggling with mental health.

Talking with someone who shares the same struggle can make it feel less embarrassing and help you open up.

“People don’t understand that being on a team you have to worry about making time for your classes, homework, practices and games,” she said. “It takes a toll on you.”

The best thing about the campaign is it gets people to take some time and look at mental health to learn about the resources available moving away from looking at it as a negative.

“We need to learn how to deal with it,” said Wynnk.

“It’s an awful thing, but we have to move on from the stigmas around it.”

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