BOD to meet once per month

SAITSA’s Board of Directors (BOD) decided on Dec. 8 to reduce the number of meetings to once per month starting in September 2016, intending to decrease both time commitments and

Currently the BOD, made up of full-time
students that are elected by SAIT students, meet twice a month to decide on decisions regarding the activities and strategic direction of the students’ association.

Cutting down to one meeting a month “allows us to be as efficient and effective in our meetings as possible,” said SAITSA president, Brigitte Matheson.

“It does cut down on our operating expenses.”

There are 15 students who sit as directors on the BOD during the academic year, who each receive a $30 honorarium per meeting they attend.

Four student executives also sit on the BOD, but they do not receive an honorarium and are instead paid a salary. Although they will only attend one BOD meeting per month in the fall, they are expected to still complete reports twice a month on their recent and upcoming activities.

In addition to the regular BOD meetings, the elected students also sit on a variety of committees to plan, review and assess the actions of the students’

Reducing the number of BOD meetings by half gives more time for committee meetings, said Matheson, where more day-to-day tasks are completed.

“With the committee meetings, some things we deal with at the BOD level can be done at the committee level, and then brought to the BOD,” she said.

“It will cut down on their time commitment, allowing them to focus more on their studies.”

Muna Saeed is the chair of the BOD and first-year student in the radio, television and broadcast news program.

“One meeting a month would mean more time for BOD members to meet with their respective committees and essentially be more productive,” said Saeed, who is on the executive review, strategic planning, student programming fund and campus life

One challenge of the change, according to Saeed, is when important issues—such as emergencies or significant decisions—arise in between the monthly

“If that happens we would simply call a special meeting,” said Saeed.

Matheson said SAITSA researched the best practices of students’ associations before making the recommendation.

“The majority of institutions that we looked into do have once-a-month meetings.”

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