Fighting the Christmas blues

Find the best holiday gifts and avoid stress this season

‘Tis the season to be jolly SAIT students. It is the time of year again where one has to face the Christmas blues.

From tight budgets, traffic-infested malls, and no time to shop, students have other ways in which they can accomplish the spirit of giving for the Christmas holiday.

One way a student can avoid going through the crowded malls is to go to the The Market on Macleod (7711 Macleod Trail S.).

Some tech savvy students also prefer not to go into malls but instead shop online. It is a great way to dodge line ups at the cash registers in malls, and also at markets.

If students want to spend the money on items that are homemade, the farmers market is a great choice where vendors and stalls open for customers to choose from an array of toys, decorations, gifts and more.

If students are on a tight budget they can also take the homemade approach. Pinterest is an excellent website to seek out for gift ideas for the crafty givers of the holiday season. Sign up at

From knitting, crocheting, to making bags, artwork, and home décor, students can find interesting ideas where they can make gifts and some projects students do not have to spend a lot on in order to craft them, and could avoid the stressful mall traffic.

If markets and homemade gifts do not appeal to students, then here are tips to plan a successful stress free trip at the mall: Have a list, or an idea of what you want to get in mind when heading to the mall.

Make sure to go early, early enough where you miss rush hour. (Tip: Go to the mall when people normally do not go shopping, like during the day when everyone is at work.) Walk around the mall to the stores where you want to go. If you cannot enter your store look to another store where they carry the same item that you want.

See if the store can gift wrap or if there is a station at the mall where they offer those services.

If stores do not have the item that you want, always have a second plan for the person you’re giving the item to.

If you follow these steps, then it is guaranteed students will have a successful shopping trip.

If students cannot make it to the mall, they can call the store and see if they are able to put an item on hold for the students who request it.

When doing this, students must watch out for policies retailers have when placing items on hold so that they can plan accordingly.

Also they should watch out for the operation hours of retailers because they can change due to the holiday season.

Common malls people go to for Christmas shopping to suit their needs include Cross Iron Mills, Chinook Centre, Market Mall, and South Centre.

But as a warning for students who shop online, they should make sure they track how much they spend on their credit cards. Sometimes retailers online accept the debit visa.

Shopping online is a great resource, and some retailers include product that may only be ordered online. Students can look into each store’s websites and see if that service is offered.

Most of the time when students shop online, they can also get discounts, as well as better prices due to direct shipping, making it cheaper than shopping in store.

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