Athlete of the month Francisco Miron

Francisco Miron, an electrical apprentice at SAIT, just completed his fourth season with the Trojans
soccer team.

Although the team did not do as well in the playoffs as they had hoped, they still fought hard.

Highlights for Miron included travelling with the team, getting to know them and winning during the
regular season.

Miron said he didn’t perform as well as he could have.

He had a great start to the season, but slowed down in the second half.

Miron is from San Salvador, El Salvador, and spent most of his life growing up in Canada.

Soccer’s ability to dominate his thoughts is what makes the sport so appealing to Miron.

“I could be stressed at home or at school, but once I start playing soccer I kind of forget everything and am in my own little world,” he said.

The social aspect is what Miron enjoys about soccer.

Outside of the Trojans, Miron had been playing club soccer with a few different clubs.

“Playing club, everyone is on the same level, while playing with the Trojans you have a larger skill range,” said Miron.

“[Club and SAIT] have their own styles of training, but they’re both very good.”

Coach Stevens is always intense, according to Miron, but the intensity makes for a strong team.

Miron said the team was awesome and he loved working with everyone this year.

Seeing his teammates every day in training, at the gym or just around campus was great for Miron, and turned them into what he describes as a “tight-knit family.”

“I’ll probably continue to be friends with a lot of the guys outside of soccer.”

Next year will be Miron’s last season with the Trojans, and although he knows he’ll be sad when that time arrives, he said he is looking forward to another year to make nationals.

“Plus, someone told me I was about a goal away from all-time goal scorer, so I want to break that record next year.”

For Miron, soccer is more than just a casual pastime, or sport to play on the weekend in a recreational league.

“It’s my life basically.”

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