Sport facilities across Calgary offering drop-in activities through out the week

All Sport One City will be offering introductory classes for many activities, from yoga, to rugby, to wheelchair basketball.

For the first year ever, the City of Calgary and Sport Calgary are partnering up to host All Sport One City, from Nov. 16 to 20, hosted in facilities all over the city.

Everyone aged 20 and up is encouraged to participate in one or more activities.

“Ultimately, we’re trying to get more people in Calgary active and this is the perfect opportunity to find an outlet for that,” said Megan Dobson, Sport Calgary’s event coordinator.

“The more they fall in love with sports and discover more sports the more amazing it is.”

All Sport One City will bring people together with the same interests and start everyone at a beginner level, making it a more comfortable environment.

All the activities are free, giving Calgarians the opportunity to play a sport or do an activity that they have never tried.

The week’s activities were set up in correspondence with sport week in Canada.

It is a spin off event of All Sport One Day, which is offered to youths in the summer.

Sport Calgary had been in the works of creating an event based off of All Sport One Day but targeting an older age group.

“We’re just trying to open up opportunities for adults in Calgary to get involved and get active again,” said Dobson.

All Sport One City gives everyone the opportunity to get out and see the facilities as well as the activities and sports they offer while working up a sweat.

All the organizations involved have donated time, space and the staff to run these sessions.

All Sport One City will have 61 sessions, allowing over 1,100 spots available for participants to sign up in.

With a large selection, there are activities that will even appeal to the 55+ crowd.

“There are activities that would absolutely suit the 55 plus crowd,” said Dobson. “We have yoga, we have water fitness, and all our sports are introductory in nature, which is perfect because you can customize it to fit any age.”

“The best part of running these activities is going out during the event days watching participants out there and getting their feedback,” said Dobson.

The city and Sport Calgary are expecting the event to be smaller since it is the first year, but they’re hoping it is large enough to host it annually.

Dobson said just having people register, come out and get excited to try something new would make it a success.

“Seeing people discover something new and being excited about it is probably the best part for sure,” said Dobson.

For more information or to register, go to

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