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I am Thao, your SAITSA VP Student Life. This is my second year in this role and I can’t stress enough how happy I am to be here, to serve you and continue my learning about the world around me. However, to be at this point now, I have been through a lot of fights with myself to be the person I am today. They say you are your greatest enemy and that is true. I used to and still have these conversations in my head about who I should be and how I should act. Therefore, I missed opportunities to be the person I want to be: supportive, positive and energetic.

The message I want to send out today for you is just be yourself and respect your passions, your background, your needs and your opinions. You matter and that is what others are relying on you. We come from all different corners of Canada and the world to study here at SAIT. We have our own unique points of view that other people appreciate, especially in the globalization world that we are in right now.

I would like to offer your some exercises that I use to gain confidence in myself and what I am doing:

Be aware of your self-critical and judging thoughts, but don’t pay attention to them. Let them flow away like a stream of water.

Do personality tests or read books to learn more about yourself. You will be amazed by scientific data about how your brain processes information and your learning styles. I recommend doing Myers-Brigg personality test and VARK learning styles model.

Start with your passions and interests. Respect them and follow them. Make time to explore and develop your interests or passions.

Surround yourself with people you admire. Develop your own mentor network and keep in touch with them. Reach out for help and support from your family and friends.

Speak up your mind and be loud, even though they might be different from others.

Think about long term, not short term. You might not start great but you are making attempts and you will get there at the end. Don’t give up.

Open up your mind, think about others as you think about yourself. Opportunities for others are opportunities for yourself to learn, grow and matter. Embrace them all.

To wrap up, I admire many students at SAIT. You are so talented and contributing to the success of you and others in so many different ways, from the smallest things. I am so happy to be here to witness your success. Please remember to believe in yourself and that you are not facing the world on your own. Seek out for SAIT and SAITSA services that are here to support you: from academic to mental health, wellness and social life support. We are always here for you!

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