Reinvented poutine




It’s a very common stereotype that Canadians love poutine.

Canadians have proven the stereotype correct by opening restaurants that specialize in poutine, like The Big Cheese in Calgary.

Rosy Palma has been employed at The Big Cheese for two and a half months now.

“I think Canadians like poutine because it’s like a full meal,” Palma said.

“I think there is a stereotype because we love cheese and we don’t mind to have it with fries. If on top of that you can get meat and veggies, [people] like it more than traditional poutine.” Palma said their best seller is the Notorious P.I.G.

It is a poutine topped with Italian sausage, Corolina pulled pork, and double smoked bacon.

But Palma’s favourite is the veggie taco.

Palma said cheese curds are better than cheese that has been shredded because the curds melt better with the hot gravy.

“We make sure our gravy is hot, so the cheese curds melt when we drop the gravy on it,” Palma said. “That is why we have to be very careful when handling it.”

Danielle Vuono is a foreign student from the U.S. who is currently attending ACAD.

Vuono wasn’t expecting too much of a change moving from the U.S. to Canada because she believes both countries are the same in a lot of ways.

“When you think of Canadians you think of people saying ‘eh’ and eating poutine,” said Vuono.

“I haven’t tried real poutine with cheese curds, but I’ve tried it with regular cheese.” According to Vuono, in the States they call poutine “disco fries.” “So it’s not that new to me at least, I know a lot of people that think gravy and cheese on fries is kind of gross though.

“But I know it’s because they just haven’t tried it.”

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