Executive Corner – Paying it Forward: Intangible Investments

When we hear the word ‘investment’, our minds typically think of a financial investment. While learning how to invest in stocks and other types of assets is important, the term investment is not limited to monetary concerns. Sometimes, the most rewarding investments are the intangible ones: you can’t physically touch them, but you can feel them. By this, I mean that the investments that often benefit us the most are not always the ones that involve a dollar sign. Making investments to benefit the future are the best kind of investments we can make, that being either an investment in yourself or in future generations. You, as a student, have already made one of the most invaluable and long-term investments you can make for yourself – you are pursuing a post-secondary education. As Ben Franklin perfectly states, “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Learning and growing are the roots of what allows us, as a civilization, to move forward and adapt. It is the investments made by past generations that have enabled us to develop and to progress as a whole. Their hard work gave us the tools to equip us to build the future, to leave things better than we found them.

In the past, our predecessors looked ahead to a future generation of SAIT students and that future generation is us in 2015. Now, it is our turn to look ahead and to invest in the next generation of SAIT students who will succeed us in their turn. In 2009, a vote of the Students’ Legislative Council (SLC) took place, leading to the unanimous decision to support the creation of the Restricted Students’ Association Building Fund. An increase in student fees was approved by the SLC for the sole purpose of collecting and allocating funds specifically for future investment in a space designed and dedicated entirely with SAIT students in mind. This fund is dedicated to the creation of a student-focused building and it can only be spent on a student building. There would be no increase in the SAIT Students’ Association fee.

From November 4th – 6th, you have the opportunity to decide whether the students that will one day succeed you are worth investing in. Think on it. The future starts with you.

Remember to check your SAIT email, on November 4th -6th, and vote on the SAITSA HQ building referendum.


Brigitte Matheson


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