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SPORTS Team Shan

Team Shan will be celebrating their five-year anniversary as a national charity, as well as their fifth year working with
the Trojans.

Team Shan works to raise awareness for breast cancers. With the Trojans they raise awareness for women on SAIT campus.

“What makes our charity great is it’s partnership on campus that helps get the information out to students,” said Lorna Larsen, the team’s president. “Also, the very special partnership with the Trojans.”

The Trojans chose to back this campaign because of the special story of Larsen’s daughter Shanna, whom the team is named after.

“We chose to back Team Shan after speaking with Lorna.

“She lost her daughter who died of breast cancer at the age of 24,” said Billie-Rae Busby, marketing and communications coordinator with the SAIT Trojans.

“We felt it was important to share their story and inform our student-athletes, their fans and families about breast cancer awareness.”

Being the team’s fifth anniversary, there are a lot of events in October co-hosted by the team and the Trojans.

During the Trojans’ home games on Oct. 16 and 17, they will also host a Team Shan Weekend.

“Friday is also student night, so it’s going to be a big weekend,” said Larsen.

“We are also releasing a video that week with a partnership with the Trojan Athletic Department.”

Busby will premiere a video on Oct. 13, which is the main piece to promote the partnership and support of cancer awareness.

“We hope people will be open to hearing Lorna’s story about her daughter, Shan, and how important it is to be aware of changes in your body,” said Busby in regards to the Team Shan Weekend.

“Diseases like breast cancer can also affect young people.”
Team Shan’s goals are to increase early detection in young women and improve the outcome for the women who are diagnosed with breast cancer.

Larsen said they are realizing their goals and women are finding early detection with their help.

“It’s Shan’s story that we share and it is quite impactful to women,” said Larsen.

“Our messages they read encourage them to take action and take care
of themselves.”

The most meaningful aspect of the campaign, to Larsen, is together with the Trojans they are making a difference for women on campus today and for women in the future.

According to Canadian Cancer Society’s Statistics publication, one in nine women are diagnosed with breast cancer, and one in 30 will die from it.

Women with concerns or questions are recommended to visit their family doctor.

For more information on Team Shan, visit their website: www.teamshan.ca.

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