Same rules for e-cigs as cigarettes on campus

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Countries such as Brazil and Singapore have banned e-cigarettes altogether.  In Canada, places such as Vancouver, Red Deer, and Calgary have prohibited vaping in all places where smoking is not allowed.

These rules now include the SAIT campus.

Cameron Fox, a frequent user of the e-cigarette, said that he switched from cigarettes to vaping because everyone else was talking about how great it was.

“I do think they are better for you than cigarettes,” said Fox.

“I know a lot of people who never used to smoke who decided to try out vaping.

“I think they are attracted to the trendiness of it, plus there is no awful smell.”

Over the past decade, vaping has grown substantially in popularity. Many people believe it is healthier for you than cigarettes, a fact that is difficult to prove due to a lack of research on the products.

Users are attracted to the fact that it simulates the feeling of smoking without the health risks of tobacco or the smell associated with cigarettes.

“I don’t really see why the ban is necessary, I mean I’m not saying people should be able to smoke inside, but in front of a building is fine,” said Fox.

That hasn’t stopped from putting the two in the same category, many even asking for e-cigarettes to be banned in Canada even though research has not proved whether or not they are worse than cigarettes.

Vanessa Jones, a non-smoker and supporter of the ban, said too many young people are getting hooked without knowing how vaping is affecting their health.

“It’s awful because young people think that it’s cool to do it,” said Jones.

“You see people everywhere with them, in their cars and walking down the street,” she said, “but for some reason just because they aren’t cigarettes, this is somehow acceptable?”

“I don’t get it.” said Jones.

It’s not the e-cigarettes fault that people are getting hooked; it is the person’s choice to try it out in the first place. 

Even though e-cigarettes do not contain some of the harsh chemicals that cigarettes do, they still contain nicotine, which is dangerous and highly addictive, and with e-cigarettes, smokers may not know how much of it they’re getting.

A lack of regulation and quality control means the amount of nicotine in each drag is inconsistent.

Basically, either way you’re doing yourself some degree of damage.

Many supporters believe that some aspects of the ban should apply to vapers simply because you are still blowing out smoke which could be potentially dangerous to others.

So, if everyone is trying so hard to ban e-cigarettes because of the smoke, why aren’t they attempting to ban cigarettes, which are just as bad?

“I completely understand the new vaping rules on campus,” said Kaitlin Peck, SAIT alumni.

“The campus is always busy, and now in this day and age, a lot of people are allergic to smoke, whether it’s from a cigarette or a e-cigarette, it doesn’t matter,” said Peck.

“Smoke, water vapour, whatever, we have to be respectful to those around us.”

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