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Gold & Shadow

Torch (2015)


The biggest problem with a debut album is that the band can deliver strongly and create a classic, or fall flat on their face with ambition and not properly represent their style. Luckily with Vancouver Island indie/art-rockers Gold & Shadow, they have gone with the former over the latter with their outstanding debut Torch.

What makes Torch really strong is the variety.

It’s nice to be able to listen to the album and be pleasantly surprised at what style the band is going to play with. You have the staple indie singles with radio potential with “Search for Sara” and “Running Out of Room” and opportunities for the band to have a chance to spread their wings and experiment with powerful music with tracks like “Half Moon,” “Kings,” and “Torch.”

To say that the band are unique is an understatement.

Gold & Shadow have managed to blend both subtlety and grandiose, with the ability to switch between either whenever it pleases them. The use of textured keys and the organ is not only reminiscent of Pink Floyd’s staple sound, but also points towards more contemporary alternative acts such as Radiohead and Steven Wilson with a hint of pop.

The only issue with Torch is that it would have been nice to have had some transitions between songs other than the typical slow ‘fade-out’. While this makes listening to an individual song on shuffle great, it leads to a predictable end for most tracks while listening to Torch, fully.But this is a minor complaint.

Torch is a stellar debut album that should be picked up by any fan of indie music or art-rock. After an album like this, Gold & Shadow definitely aren’t going away any time soon.

-Myles Ives

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