Danielle Smith loses Highwood to Carrie Fischer

Former Wildrose opposition leader Danielle Smith has lost the PC candidacy to High River town council member Carrie Fischer for the Highwood riding she held when elected as a Wildrose MLA.

Conservative party cardholders took to the polls in High River, Okotoks, and Aldersyde on Saturday, March 28, culminating in Smith’s defeat.

“This is, of course, a mixed emotions day,” said Smith.

“I did want to get a mandate to be the PC candidate for Highwood, but of course residents felt otherwise.”

Smith was welcomed to the Alberta PC party by recently appointed premiere Jim Prentice in December of 2014 after defecting with eight other MLAs, leaving the Wildrose with 5 seats.

The move angered her constituents, resulting in a petition being circulated to introduce legislation that would allow her to be recalled from her position as the Highwood MLA.

Among the MLAs to lose their nominations since crossing the floor were Rod Fox and Gary Bikman in Lacombe-Ponoka and Cardston-Taber-Warner respectively.

Fischer has stated that she has no plans as of yet to resign from town council, but will have a discussion with her colleagues in the municipal government.

There were a total of 942 ballots cast for the nomination, but the exact results were not disclosed. Smith gave her sincere congratulations to Fischer, then promptly left out the back of the community centre.


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