Weal Photographer Adam Dullum asks the SAIT campus: “What DIY project would you not do yourself?”


I would not go skydiving or rock climbing,
I’m no an adrenaline junkie but you gotta live
Geoff Crisfield, first year, Business


Taxes, I tend to do my own but its very painful and tedious
Madelyn Matthews, SAIT, Psychology Instructor since 2011


Electronics, it’s just to dangerous
John Onyschuk, ACAD, second year, Painting


Making coffee, even the Keurig things, just don’t do it
Jocelyn Wynnyk, first year, Administrative Information Management


Plumbing, I wouldn’t trust myself I know better
Slater Holik , first year, Engineering, Design, Drafting Technologies


Cut my own hair, I did it before and it really did not work out
Leah Coepenick, second year, Broadcast Systems Tech

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