Weal Photographer Mikaela Mackenzie asks the SAIT campus: “What’s the craziest thing you’ve done to pay for school?”


The RRSPs are touched.
Nathan Rowse, fourth-year, electrician(800)20150303-Campus-Comment-MM-0006

Worked at a mall.
Alyssa Baker, first-year, medical laboratory assisting


Sold really weird stuff on ebay.
Matthew Bardsley, first-year, journalism 


Sold my car.
José Gamache, first-year, dental assisting


Hit up the bank of mom.
Ryan Retzlaff, fourth-year, electrician


Worked three part-time jobs.
Mikayla Schaffer, first-year, legal assisting


Speed-skating Canada paid for my first year.
Cory Retzlaff, fourth-year, carpentry

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