Second-year journalism student Robyn Hertz asks the SAIT campus: “What’s the worst case of spectator behaviour you’ve seen at children’s sports?”


When I used to play soccer if another player was aggressive with me, my parents would go to the referee.
They’ve been in a couple of arguments with the refs before.
Darpan Grewal, 2nd year, business administration


When I played minor hockey, I used to see parents getting kicked out of the stands for yelling at the referee.
Brett Tate, 1st year, business administration


Parents fighting each other physically and verbally.
Dawn Moore, 1st year, administrative information management 


When a father yells at his son for not playing well.
Shelby Evans, 2nd year, civil engineering technology


Parents yelling at a coach or referee.
Ana Forde, 2nd year, engineering design and drafting technology


Someone calling out a kid who lacks performance in the sport.
Eric Hazenboom, 1st year, rehabilitation therapy assistant 

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