Second-year journalism student Robyn Hertz asks the SAIT campus: “What’s your worst Valentine’s Day experience”

(800)02420150129-Campus-comment_February-9_RH-RH-I actually don’t have any worst experiences because in my country Brazil
we don’t participate and celebrate valentine’s day.
Felipe Scatolin, 1st year, Business Administration


A guy I went on a date with was going well until his credit card declined leaving the parkade.
The car behind honked and he got out and started yelling at them.
Sadie McInnes, 2nd year, Business Administration – Marketing 


Last year when my wife was away, we celebrated over the phone.
Clezio Da Silva, 2nd year, Information Technology


Taking care of my drunk friend because her boyfriend  broke up with her.
MJ Guevare, 1st year, Electrical Engineering Technologist


When I stayed up with a buddy playing poker and hand wrote a valentine’s day card for my girlfriend.
Marc Sudduby, 4th year, Electrician


My worst valentine’s day experience was my first year of university.
I asked a girl out and she agreed. A week later I showed up with flowers and candy
and her response was what are you doing here.
Jason Rioux, 1st year, Power Engineering

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