Second-year journalism student Robyn Hertz asks the SAIT campus: “Do you think that New Year’s resolutions work?”

(800)Dec1-Campus-Comment-RH-0001I think they are a good motivation to start to improve in life.
Because it is fun, it’s a new year and it’s an opportunity to announce your resolution.
Ali Buchwald, 2nd year, Respiratory Therapy

(800)Dec1-Campus-Comment-RH-0004No, I think that goals should be every day of the year. I’ve never kept a new year’s resolution.
Maybe I don’t put enough planning into them.
Ian Hoffman, 1st year, Electrical Engineering Technology

(800)Dec1-Campus-Comment-RH-0006I believe it is a new beginning to try something new and it’s a restart button,
if something went bad then you can start over. It’s kind of nice to work towards something,
like a new goal and get results and see the outcome.”
Danielle Kentel, 1st year, Nuclear Medicine Technology

(800)Dec1-Campus-Comment-RH-0002Not really because people don’t follow them. At the end of the year people are excited
and they make resolutions that are out of reach.”
Riaz Khan, 2nd year, Petroleum Technology

(800)Dec1-Campus-Comment-RH-0003I think that people believe in the idea of new year’s resolutions. They put high pressure
resolutions like weight management. The high pressure resolutions that
most people choose, it becomes a burden or stress. So I decided to
do a resolution where I can gain something, like learning a new language or a new hobby.”
Lisa Sterr, 2nd year, Travel & Tourism

(800)Dec1-Campus-Comment-RH-0008No, because you shouldn’t wait 365 days to make a commitment. If you want to be an ambitious person you should not wait until the new year.
Reid Morgan, 1st year, Information Technology


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