Sochi Winter Games a success despite worries of failure

theweal-opinionsThe 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics have come to an end, some dreams were realized, while some were crushed.

However, the proverbial hammer that was said to be dangling over the Sochi Winter Games never seemed to fall.

Before the city of Sochi even had a chance to strut their stuff, before the first song echoed through the Olympic stadium for the opening ceremonies, media outlets were ablaze with stories of unfinished hotel rooms, stray dogs running around and being shot, and thoughts of what most considered to be the inevitable controversy over Russia’s anti-gay propaganda law, which basically forced gay athletes to hide their sexual preferences.

Now that the Games are finished, it seems that the very same media outlets that were once predicting an Olympics filled with controversy and hate have changed their tune.

An article from TorontoStar.com commented that, “The Sochi Olympics provided some of the best moments in Canadian Olympic history.”

Of course, with any mass spectacle of sport, there will always be some controversy or incidents that follow. The Sochi Winter Games were no different.

The Russians managed to steal a number of figure skating medals, which according to some figuring skating experts, were securely in the hands of the Canadians and the Americans.

However, it is important to remember that the sport of figure skating has been shrouded in controversy for some time now, based on the subjectivity of its judging system and previous judging scandals that have been proven to cheat athletes out of medals.

According to several articles ranging from the Moscow Times and an article in the Detroit Free Press, the opening ceremonies were very successful despite the minor glitch of the last Olympic ring not lighting up.

It turned out that like Ryan Seacrest owning the gay jokes people make about him, Sochi owned their mistake, creating shirts worn by the Olympic organizers, depicting the Olympic Rings minus the one that failed to light up during the ceremonies.

The important thing to remember about the Olympic games, especially with the next destination for the Winter Games being South Korea, is that these athletes are not competing because of the accommodations and they are not competing because they are looking for political gains.

They are competing because they have dedicated their lives to a sport and strive to be the best in their field while representing their country.

For the two weeks that the Olympic Games take place, these athletes put aside their religious beliefs, their political stances, and their thoughts on gay rights no matter what those might be for the brief moment they get to succeed.

Despite controversy that hinted that possibility of politics interfering with the competition, the Winter Games transpired smoothly and left Canada proud of every one of its participating athletes.

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