A Reading break from the cold

theweal-newsWith Reading week right around the corner, some SAIT students are planning to duck out of Canada and head south for more tepid temperatures.

Destinations—SAIT’s student-operated travel centre—has been busy taking bookings and replying to inquiries for the upcoming Feb. 17-21 reading break for the past few weeks now.

“People like to go places [that are] warmer,” said Stephanie Mercredi, travel and tourism instructor, about why students don’t tend to stay in Canada if they are spending the money and time to travel.

Mercredi and her staff of second-year travel and tourism students at Destinations said that of their bookings for this year’s break, Las Vegas and the west coast of Mexico are the most popular spring break destinations for students for several reasons.

The first reason is because these are both “party places,” and that tends to be what students are looking to do during their relaxing days off from classes.

The second reason, Mercredi said, is because these destinations are “generally less expensive” because of the shorter flight times required to reach these hot spots.

Shorter flight times are often a deciding factor for students trying to get away during Reading week because the less time students have to spend travelling to and from their destinations, the more time they have to enjoy their break.

A direct flight from Calgary to Las Vegas is under three hours in length, and a flight to the west coast of Mexico is around four to five hours long.

Destinations advertises great, all-inclusive reading break deals outside its office, but students have to act fast since these limited time deals sometimes only last hours.

Apart from being quite busy dealing with many large student groups and family vacation bookings, Destinations has organized spring break trips for six individuals to Mexico and for four to Las Vegas.

“That doesn’t sound like a lot, but for us it is,” said Mercredi, who explained that their typical booking pace is more like one every two weeks.

Travel inquiries can be made at the Destinations travel office at room NN121 on the main floor of the Senator Burns building, by calling 403.284.8455, or by emailing

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