SAIT student has hot style in cold weather

Inonge Chimwaso Photo Illustration

Inonge Chimwaso Photo Illustration

Spotted in the Stan Grad Centre, The Weal came across dashing first-year business administrative student, Jeffrey Thompson. Dressed in weather-smart boots, a cozy long sleeve sweater and a burgundy infinity scarf, he managed to maintain a cool, laidback style of effortless class. Thompson also embodied a sense of style through his colour-coordinated use of grey, beige and black to put together his charming campus ensemble. The Weal chatted with him about what inspires him and what informs his style.

The Weal:  What kind of message are you sending today through your outfit?

Jeffrey Thompson: Comfort and style, generally. Be yourself.

TW: Do you find that your style is influenced by the weather?

Thompson: Oh yeah, for sure.  I’m not going to wear a cowl in 25-degree weather, and you know, boots.

TW: What inspired your outfit today, other than the weather itself?

Thompson: I always have black skinny jeans on, and a sweater. I like to look young, professional.

TW: What would you say is your favourite item in your wardrobe?

Thompson: My favourite item in my wardrobe is probably my shoes, just like every other person. Today, that is my Palladium boots and my cowl. I like my cowl.

TW: Why did you choose to mix and match these colours?

Thompson: This is a coincidence.  I didn’t even notice it until I looked at myself in the mirror when I walked by. I actually don’t pre-meditate my outfits that much like some people. Everything I buy is like the same colour, like I wear black and grey and white and that’s it. I thought ‘Oh this looks tight,’ and I headed out.

TW: So who inspires your style? Do you inspire your style?

Thompson: I’ll go with that.  I don’t watch movies at all. I don’t know actors, or musicians, even. Maybe the lead singer of the Gorillaz, if I had to pick one person [who inspires me], because I think he dresses super badass. I don’t have a person that I’m trying to, like, look like.

TW: What advice would you give people in terms of how they dress?

Thompson: You know, at the end of the day, it’s just clothes, man. If you need to look good and if you think dressing nice is going to make your self-esteem higher then shit, go for it.

TW: You mentioned that one of your favourite items in your closet was your shoes, do you mean all of your shoes, or those shoes you’re wearing today?

Thompson: No, all of my shoes. I have a wide collection of Emerica, Vans, Palladium and Timberlands.

TW: Where do you shop?

Thompson: Little Burgundy—that’s where I work—and The Source Snowboards and Skateboards.

TW: I see that you’re wearing a ring. Do you accessorize often?

Thompson: I have a ring. I have one jade Buddha necklace but it didn’t make it on the wardrobe today, because I was going to be in a hoody all day, but I love that necklace.

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