Martin and company add to the trophy case

Donovan Martin

Boasting 17 years of experience coaching basketball in the ACAC, and 48 total, along with numerous accolades, including two-time ACAC Coach of the Year, coach Donovan Martin has presided over the Trojans for six years. His teams have medaled 16 out of the 17 years he has been with the ACAC. BRENT CALVER PHOTO

Trojans Women’s basketball head coach Donovan Martin has been awarded his second ACAC coach of the year award in three years.

During the regular season Martin was also able to reach a milestone of 400 career wins as a head coach in the ACAC.

Martin attributes most of his success to his fellow coaching staff that consists of assistant coach Meachel Carnahan and assistant coach Ranbir Parmar.

“The tremendous group of people that I work with and the contributions that they provide to the team are naturally kept behind the scenes,” Martin said. “I may have won the award but it belongs to each member of my coaching team.”

Martin was not the only Trojan on the women’s squad to come away with some hardware for the trophy case. Three-time first team all-star and two-time all Canadian Rachel Caputo, as well as three-year Trojan veteran Katie Beard, walked away with first-team all-star awards. Sarah Astroga also was awarded a second-team all-star mention.

According to Caputo, Martin may have been playing a bit modest in regards to his success as a head coach. “He [Martin] always seems to know when to get excited and when to remain calm, he has a great balance of emotion,” Caputo said.

“He is always so helpful to players and only wants to see each girl succeed in their role, not to mention he is able to keep everyone interested in the systems he runs.”

According to Martin, he is able to maintain the interest of his players by creating “busy systems.” What Martin means by “busy systems” is whether his team is on offence, defence, or transitioning the ball, Martin’s players are constantly moving.

From his pressure defence, to his full court press, and his fast pace, ball movement heavy offence, coach Martin said the utilization of these systems effectively, “keeps his players busy, and their minds in the game.”

As for Martins goals for next year’s squad, Martin claimed that he will not have a clear view of that until later in the year.

“I don’t usually make any predictions until the conclusion of our identification camp in the summer,” Martin said. “If our returning players improve like I suspect they will then I see no reason we cannot finish higher than the fourth place finish we had at the end of the regular season.”

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