Valentine’s Day soundtrack guide

Valentine’s Day is an emotional occasion. Whether it’s the love a couple shares or the stark emptiness of a lonesome person, Feb. 14 sees a tidal wave of emotion.

So if you’re selecting that perfect song to set the mood during your romantic festivities or picking out the ideal soundtrack for a lonesome night by yourself, The Weal has the perfect tunes for you.


Top Five Love Songs

5. Ellie Goulding – ‘Your Song’ (Elton John Cover)

This cover, of what may very well have been Elton John’s greatest hit, didn’t tarnish the reputation of the classic love song. That’s more praise than most covers receive. Goulding’s eccentric and distinctive vocals make for a completely different unique version of the love—a great track for any love-centred affair.


4. Peter Gabriel – ‘Book of Love’

This record may be sappy or cheesy, but that doesn’t taint its sincerity. Gabriel’s emotion-riddled reproduction of this classic love tune completely redefines the track. The sentiment and passion created by this song is perfectly suited for a saucy rendezvous and passionate kissing.

3. Rise Against – ‘Swing Life Away’

When Rise Against strayed from their conventional punk rock norm to create this modest—yet incredibly well-received—acoustic record, it was a beautiful day for music lovers. This single from the band’s third album set the bar for 21st century indie-rock love records.


2. Plain White T’s – ‘1,2,3,4 ‘

From the band that brought you the rock-pop anthem, ‘Hey There Delilah,’ this lesser-known single from Big Bad Word, combines a mishmash of simple love-influenced lyrics with a set of basic chords. The end result is the perfect love song.

1. Mos Def – ‘The Beggar’

Taking a different route from the status quo of acoustic-driven love songs, hip hop mogul Mos Def, pours his heart out with this soul and jazz-funk influenced instrumental. Hip hop soundtracks induce a passion that just can’t be ignited through most acoustic tracks. With lyrics like “Woman you know I love you,” this track is made to be used as a soulful jam for a seductive, lusty night with your partner.


One Song to Listen to When You’re All Alone

JMSN – ‘Hotel’

JMSN is part of the new wave of psychedelic R&B that has taken the music scene by storm. In this slow take from his debut album, Priscilla, a vocally bolstered chorus uses simple lyrics to add emphasis.

“The girl of my dreams is happy with someone else.”

This emotion-riddled song serves as a perfect anthem for those who plan on spending their night alone on Valentine’s Day.

Maybe next year you can try out some of the other tracks.

Album art courtesy (top to bottom) Polydor, Real World Studios, Geffen, Hollywood Records, Geffen

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