Massive insects invade the downtown core

Married sculpting duo Edward Beltram and Danira Miralda

Seen here in their studio, married sculpting duo Edward Beltram and Danira Miralda form a collective sculpting group called INCIPIO MODO. Evan Buhler photo

The new inner city Poetic Park Plaza is home to two new three-legged insect sculptures created by a Calgary-based art collective, INCIPIO MODO.

Husband and wife sculptors Danira Miralda and Edward Beltran created ‘Ascension’ with the intent to have it complement its surroundings rather than have an out-of-context standalone sculpture.

“Instead of putting a sculpture in the middle of the park where no one is going to see, we decided to have the park become part of the sculpture,” said Miralda.

Calgarians visiting the park can also become a part of the sculpture because of its placement. One of the insects stands 10-feet-tall and crosses over rocks and boulders while the other is slightly shorter and is installed over a bench.

“If someone is there sitting on the bench and having a cup of coffee, they are right underneath this being,” said Miralda.

These insects were also created to mimic the behaviour of actual insects. The sculptures are placed on objects instead of being installed on the park’s landscape.

According to Miralda, this symbolizes, “what ascending is—what moving forward is.”

‘Ascension’ gives visitors and pedestrians a chance to reflect on the piece and develop an opinion about the sculpture regardless of if it’s good or bad.

INCIPIO MODO also factored in the park’s location when installing the artwork. Poetic Park Plaza is surrounded by a number of local businesses including the Catholic School Board and the Avatamsaka Buddhist Monastery.

“This three-legged insect becomes alive because of the terrain that it’s on,” said Miralda.

“They are spiritually becoming purer and purer as they go towards the monastery.”

The closer each leg gets to the monastery the higher it appears, which Beltran refers to as, “the naturalness of evolving.”

Beltran said that collaborating on a piece can only be successful provided that each artist involved stays true to their own artistic motto.

“You have to remain true to the ascetic language that you use,” said Beltran.

Both artists agree that art is an important element that will aid in the growth of those who get to witness it. Putting it in public places allows more people to become exposed to another form of intellect.

“I invite people to come experience in the moment,” said Beltran.

Poetic Park Plaza is located in the downtown area on the corner of 4 Avenue and 9 Street S.W.

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