SAIT Business students take on zombies

Zombie Walk

Zombies are everywhere and even inspiring business students. Photo from Calgary’s annual Zombie Walk. ALYSSA KRAMER PHOTO

This year, zombies are getting serious and will be making an appearance at SAIT’s Administrative Information Management (AIM) program’s annual showcase Mar. 19.

For the past five years, graduates of the SAIT AIM program have hosted an annual event to demonstrate the valuable skills they have gained.

This year’s event will revolve around the theme of “Super-humans vs. Zombies.”

The title “Super-humans vs. Zombies” is more about conveying a message rather than a game involving human vs. zombie fights.

The message their theme hopes to convey is that by taking the skills and education SAIT provides students can become “super-human” in the business world and excel.

“It’s supposed to say, ‘You don’t want to be a zombie in the business world, you want to be a super-human,’” said Janine Babey, an AIM student who is in charge of marketing the event.

Babey said that past graduates will represent the “super-humans” group. These are people who have the education and skills to excel in a professional environment.

The “zombies” are meant to represent people in a business environment who are unproductive due to their lack of skills.

Janine Violini, an instructor in the AIM program, said the inspiration for their theme this year came from the Weal, when they saw an article from last October about the popularity of humans vs. zombies games on campuses in the U.S. and Canada.

After sifting through other ideas, Violini said they decided this theme would be most representative of both the hosts and audience.

“We knew we wanted to attract a student audience this year because of the new student component in the event,” said Violini.

In the past this has been an “invitation-only” event, with the guest list mostly consisting of industry partners.

It is only this year that they have opened their arms to the public and introduced a new component that will allow other SAIT students and the general public to explore the benefits of business certifications.

The change this year was made mostly to increase awareness of certifications available in the school of business to other programs at SAIT, especially the schools of construction and ICT.

Violini said that there is little communication between the schools, and they are hoping that opening this event to other SAIT students and the public will increase awareness about the benefits of business certifications that can complement SAIT diplomas.

The event will not be marketed to Calgary’s general public due to a lack of funds, but the general public is still welcome to attend.

The event will consist of two sectors. The first will be open to the public and will concentrate on providing information about certifications and programs in the school of business.

The second sector will remain invitation-only, and is for industry partners. There will be many companies there that will provide practicum opportunities for the business students.

In the industry sector, SAIT business students will be given the chance to showcase skills they have learned in their programs. This portion of the event will take place in Macdonald Hall.

There will be super-humans vs. zombie-related décor to keep with the theme of the event, and the event will feature a guest speaker from Microsoft, a live band, DJ, and fun activities. Babey said some prizes will be handed out during activities as well.

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