Fall 2011: Men’s Fashion

Men's Fashion


With midterms looming, discussions of final projects creeping in and the Occupy movement sweeping the nation, there is no doubt that the number one thing on student’s minds is men’s wear.

As the season changes many students may be tempted to increase their credit card debt to acquire the latest fashions, however, co-owner of Understudy (a new men’s wear store in Calgary) Liam Rodgers says style is more important than trends.

“Fashion is fleeting. Fashion is trend based.”

For a student strapped for cash, buying according to personal style may be the best way to save money.

“Once you’re comfortable with your style and you’ve figured it out, you can potentially buy clothes that could last you a lifetime,” says Rodgers.

While personal style varies from individual to individual and may change over the years, Rodgers says fit is a huge part.

“A lot of people don’t necessarily understand when something fits them and when something doesn’t. That would be the first starting point for me. Shop somewhere where the sales associates know about fit.”

Once style and fit is figured out, the desire may once again rise to head out on a shopping spree. If this sounds familiar, Rodgers has a startling revelation: “Every guy only really needs one pair of jeans, or should only buy one pair of jeans
a year.”

Rodgers admits the last pair of jeans he purchased was around $250, a price that may seem steep. But, they’re the only pair of jeans that he’s worn for the past two years. Other male wardrobe staples include a white cotton shirt and a pair of brown shoes. He also says students should primarily invest in what they feel comfortable in.

As for what’s hot in fashion this season, the “Mad Men” style of the 1950s is big in professional wear.

“I’m seeing more nicely tailored suits than I remember a few years ago. I think a lot of the young professionals downtown are starting to pay attention to that more.”

As far as casual wear goes, he recommends classic pieces like vintage denim cuts, boots, denim jackets, heavyweight knits and natural fibers like cotton and wool.

Luanne Ronquillo, 24, Calgary fashion designer and founder of Jalu, echoes this: “Wool coats, rolled up pants, worker boots, lots of layers,” she says.

You don’t have to pay big either, as thrift stores are always a good bet.

“Shop at thrift stores, and rummage through your parent’s or grandparent’s closets. Never forget that you can always tailor or alter a garment to your liking,” says Ronquillo.

Even without being encumbered by a budget, Rodgers frequents thrift stores on occasion.

“I’ve always had good luck at Value Village,” he says.

Another money-saving tip is to shop at the end of the season sales.

“You may not be able to find something that you can wear for the coming season, but you can always save it for the next one,” says Ronquillo.

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