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SLC members represent you. Read up and then vote! Online voting is Oct. 14 to 17.
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1 seat available
1 candidate running

You may be asking! Why I should get your vote? It’s simple. Nobody has represented CALS in 5 years. Who better than a self-motivated individual! Looking to afflict positive change by working to resolve common issues many of us students share. As well I will also be on the lookout for great new ideas, partnerships and events that the student body can directly benefit from. I won’t make any fake promises people. Although I can promise one thing and that is to represent your issues and your ideas to the best of my ability. We’ve all come here to succeed and to become more successful in our lives! If I can help you get more from your time here at SAIT, and you believe that I am the person who is going to get things done for you than please vote on voting week and
elect me.

2 seats available
1 candidate running

I decided to run for SLC because I enjoy helping people and I want to make it easier for students studying at the MacPhail School of Energy to voice their opinions. I feel it is important to have a voice and sometimes all it takes is a friendly smile to have the courage to say something. Great ideas come from anywhere, in the words of Thomas Edison, “To have a great idea, have a lot of them.” As a member of SLC I’m confident I will be exposed to many great ideas. My main goal is to be as open as possible in order to broaden my horizons and keep SAITSA as helpful as I know it can be.

3 seats available
2 candidates running

The reason I decided to run for SLC is to get the most out of my experience here at SAIT. I first became familiar with the SA a year ago when I worked for the Station Market in the Burns Building. Ever since then I knew that it is a great organization with amazing people, and who wouldn’t want the opportunity to get to rub shoulders with some of SAIT’s best and brightest?
If elected I plan on attending all the SLC meetings and considering the decisions made with the average student in mind!
Another goal I have is creating a mysait.ca app for iPhones and other smart phones that way students can check up on their grades, homework, fees or whatever else they need to while on the go.
Thank you for reading and remember to cast your vote on the 13th – 17th!

The reason behind I am running towards this election and a student legal council is – I want , change people’s views on life and everything around them that goes in and out every single day of their life. I was born in Moscow, Russia – and come from a community of people where everyone knows each other in and out, no matter what background they come from. I grew up being very social, athletic, and artistic boy with a love and passion. Being social was a key note and top notch on every subject I had included. At the moment, I am a student at School of Business – Legal Assistant program, which will lead me to be a Legal Assistant for a lawyer that I already talked to, the day before I was enrolling the program. The reason I am doing Legal Assistant is because my dad was a lawyer and my dream to become as well, in a future life time. Student legal council is a respectful and reasonable position to have around SAIT community, which includes SAIT Alumni, Current Students and everyone around. I am running for this is because I want to be involved around SAIT community that includes everyone from SAIT, previous years, and future students. I am really looking forward to this position, and people I will be meeting in and throughout SAIT.

3 seats available
1 candidates running

Before I get down to the business of the changes I would like to see around campus, I would like to share a little about myself. I am in my second year of EDDT (Engineering Design and Drafting Technology) and am in love with SAIT. I am a massive supporter of the Calgary music scene, so if you see me at a venue say high. For those who remember, I ran last year and lost by a small margin. What you might not know is that I was brought into the SLC after one of the elected representatives was removed. The changes I would like to make are:
• Rezone the Sears parking to allow for student use
• Extend the U-Pass to more students
• Implement a graduated discount for carpooling
• Create a SAIT day care program
• Support free breakfast project
• Increase competitiveness of SAITSA businesses

1 seat available
No candidates running

1 seat available
3 candidates running

Are our fees getting us the best resources? Why did our health benefits go up $50 this year? I want to represent SAIT students and ensure you finish with a top education, relevant to your field , and not finish with an overwhelming debt load. Let’s keep fees reasonable and make sure the ones we do pay are allocated the best way possible. Last year I won the D.C. Fleming award for “outstanding contribution to the school” – the first time it’s ever been given to a first year student – and I am committed to continuing contributing to the SAIT community. Students I’ve spoken to are proud to be part of a school with a high reputation in the field. I will work from that standard of excellence and build on it for the future. On October 13-17 – Vote Currie for SLC!

The reason I am running is to get everyone to come together, it’s about getting the best learning experience as possible, while having fun. It is about positive energy and good vibrations. We are also trying to educate people about the current state of our food system, and our oceans. If we all took one step a day we can ALL make the difference. With that in mind I want my campaign to be strictly a green campaign. Word of mouth, that way I can make the first step towards our future and sustainability by not using any paper or ink, just water for hydration. Together we can help our fallen man and planet!
I promise you a better future not only for us but our children too! Will you help? kyzee04@hotmail.com

Reason for seeking election:
As an active member of the SAIT Community I believe I have the motivation and skills required to create the necessary changes needed for the enhancement of student life at SAIT. School can be a challenge and I am making adjustments in myself for school life. I have Cerebral Palsy and because this I continue to strive to achieve success in my career. I want to prove to myself and to you that together we can achieve success in our academic courses at SAIT and invest in our futures.
The campaign goals that I have set for the SAIT student include: Improved and less expensive parking, availability and rates of food on campus and more advertisement on career related services. All part-time students should be given the U-Pass. We will work together to solve the issues that matter to you. Please feel free to contact me.

2 seats available
1 candidate running

You do not have to be unhappy to want to make a difference in your environment. Impact is pivotal in everything you do; it betters the way you perceive your environment, one manageable step at a time. This is the reason I am running for SLC, I want to make a difference in the biggest community I belong to because I care about our lives as students and our relationship with our school. I also want to increase involvement in our student government. Why not lead by example?
My first campaign goal is approachability; I want my peers to feel comfortable alerting me to an issue they feel is affecting their life as a student. I want to be a voice for SAIT students, the school of ICT, and every underrepresented program. My greatest goal for this election is to have us students involved in our government: “AT LEAST, VOTE!”

1 seat available
1 candidate running

My name is Thomas Cruickshank and I am running for the position of manufacturing and automation representative. I am going to be honest with you, reader of The Weal, or whatever publication this is, I am in no way qualified for this. I decided to run in the student election to challenge myself. And if elected, I will do whatever I can to solve or at the very least stem the tide of problems that face SAIT students today. Also as a side note, I think that the addition of a mongoose to the campus would be quite beneficial to the sense of community here at SAIT. I believe that this campus as a whole can always use more badassery, because here at SAIT, we are all badass.

1 seat available
2 candidates running

Hello, my name is Mladen. I am seeking to be elected to help make a change within our school. Within my program, we are being charged 800.00 dollars per work co-op term. Ironically enough, we have to find our own jobs and the school simply sits back and collects the money for the two pieces of paper we have our employers fill out. This is simply a market research tool that SAIT uses to identify how efficient and useful our programs are. I am not sure about yourselves, but I don’t understand the purpose of paying to do work for them. My campaign goals are to challenge SAIT, with every opportunity given, to help stop the unjust exploitation of my fellow students. “I dream of a better tomorrow, one where chickens can cross the road and not have their motives questioned.”

SAM’s the Man!
I am a strong representative for the school of transportation as I’ve had many experiences where quick thinking, resourcefulness and initiative have come into play.
I am responsible, creative, and determined to make this a good year for all the students. While helping out with the high school drama productions, there were last minute hiccups that needed to be fixed and I was able to get the job done. As your SAITSA representative, I know I can get the job done for you as well. Vote for me so I can share your ideas, thoughts and concerns with the SAIT Student Association.
My campaign goal would be to ensure your time at SAIT would be memorable and a positive experience. This would include more SAITSA sponsored campus-wide events such as concerts, speakers and entertainment. SAM’s the Man!

1 seat available each
no candidates running

Photos by Ian Panganiban and Nicole Santerre

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