All fore the Trojans Open

LAINE SCHUCK PHOTO Robyn Froese, a Trojan women’s volleyball player, tees off during the Trojan Open.

The weather may not have been perfect, but it didn’t seem to matter to the participants in the inaugural SAIT Trojans Open golf tournament.
The tournament was created as a way to ease the financial burden placed upon SAIT Trojan student athletes and athletes who come from out of province, who have limited financial assistance to help pay for their education.
“Provincial funding (for student athletes) is limited to athletes who come from Alberta, the Trojans Open looks to provide similar scholarships to eligible out-of-province athletes,” said Mark Pretzlaff, athletics manager with SAIT Athletics and Recreation. “This positions our coaches to recruit the best athletes, nationally and internationally, to represent SAIT and the Trojans.”
This is the first such initiative launched by the Trojans, as fundraising has typically been handled individually by each Trojan team. The response from the SAIT community was overwhelming.
“The tournament was a sell-out with a great deal of support from various SAIT departments, members of our Trojan alumni groups, and of course, our corporate sponsors,” says Pretzlaff.
SAIT athletic director Ken Babey said the inclement weather gave those involved in the tournament a chance to  demonstrate the three-pillars of what it means to be a Trojan.
“Despite the weather, I think the Trojan Open was outstanding and everyone had a good time,” said Babey.
“I think all the people who participated showed a lot of courage, determination, and spirit.”
The Trojans are hoping the tournament and other such events will grow to the point where the Trojans are self-sufficient, increasing athletes’ scholarship funds through alumni and SAIT Trojans sponsors.
“We don’t have the large endowment funds like some big Canadian and American universities,” said Pretzlaff.
“We need to be creative and expand our fundraising endeavours.”

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