Sport your knickers and lace for cancers below the waist

Elise Mullen, fourth year ACAD student, and Trojan soccer player plans to attend the Underwear Affair in early June to raise awareness for Cancers below the belt. Elise is part of a team consisting of more Trojan Womens Soccer players and coaches. Photo by Genesta Walz

For most people, the idea of a 10 km run can come off as an intimidating task.
But get a group of your friends and suit up in your nicest underwear in support of a good cause and you’ve made a daunting task into a fun and bearable one.
All it took for Elise Mullen, a fourth-year centre defense for the SAIT Trojans women’s soccer team, was a friend suggesting training for a half marathon and she was hooked.
Mullen has been planning for the race since January. She completed her first marathon (approx. 21 km) last weekend, finishing in two hours and 16 minutes, and continues to train for the annual Alberta Cancer Foundation’s Underwear Affair.
“Now that I’ve gotten the ‘running bug’ it sounds like a lot of fun,” says Mullen, who is in her final year at ACAD majoring in print media. “People dress crazy and go all out.”
The Underwear Affair is a 5K walk or 10K run through the streets of Calgary to raise funds for the Alberta Cancer Foundation and increase awareness about cancers below the waist while putting a fun twist on it to get people’s attention.
Participants have to raise a minimum of $300. Mullen has set the bar higher for herself and is aiming at a total of $500 in donations. She’s currently standing at $420.
“Everyone you know knows someone with cancer, it connects to everyone,” says Mullen. “(It’s good) to donate to a good cause.”
Mullen is a part of the SAIT soccer group “Trojan Soccer: Here to assist you friend” along with fellow players, coaching staff, and alumni from both the men’s and women’s team. Collectively, the team has raised $1,270 to date among only six members.
“I think Trojan soccer as a whole is a good representative for the Underwear Affair,” says Erin Schwab, assistant coach for the women’s team. “Whenever Trojan soccer finds a fun way to raise money, we tend to step up and do it, whether it is through playing soccer or running.”
The race will be held on June 4 and the SAIT team is constantly adding new members and taking donations.
“It’s a run you can do with a group of your friends, dress up and goof around for an hour,” says Mullen.
“I think it will become a yearly thing.”

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