Show and sale features ACAD talent

Kris Weinmann, ACAD painting student and president of the ACAD student association shows off one of his creations. Acrylic on etched metal.

As ACAD students hone their artistic skills many of them pursue the goal of seeing their masterpiece hung on a stranger’s wall, or even wrapped around a finger.
The ACAD Show and Sale from March 24-26 allows these up-and-coming artists to make this dream a reality. This year’s event features 250 students from 11 departments.
ACAD alumni Katie Kimber is this year’s project co-ordinator, a position reserved for students in the past.
With Kimber’s professional input, the main goal is to polish the event to shy away from resembling an arts and crafts sale.
“We divided the show into mediums and departments, so glass will go with glass, textiles with textiles,” says Kimber. “We also required a mandatory info session for all artists who wanted to participate.
This year is all about quality over quantity.”
One student whose work will stand out is fourth-year painting major, and ACAD Students’ Association (ACADSA) president, 28-year-old Kris Weinmann.
Weinmann has come a long way since his beginnings at ACAD.  This once self-described oil-based landscape painter found new materials to accommodate his ideas, rather than bending his visions to fit the materials.
His now modern paintings have a clean mechanical and systemic look to them. His inspiration is drawn from concepts of social political systems.
Weinmanns’ role as ACADSA president is not one he takes lightly.  He is determined to ensure the voices of those who are new to the arts community are heard.
“With the social political landscape that exists within Calgary and Canada I became curious as to how the arts are being represented, who are the voices that were speaking out on behalf (of the arts community) what work was being done, what sort of challenges are we facing,” said Weinmann.   “As I learned more I wanted to play a role…and speak on behalf of the students of ACAD both politically and in terms of curriculum.”
Already elected to reprise his term as ACADSA president next year, Weinmann is sure to continue building awareness within Calgary’s community promoting the talent that comes through ACAD each year..

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