Martin wins ACAC south coach of the year

04/03/2011. Friday March 4th, 2011. Photo's of womans basketball coach Donovan Martin, who has been nominated for coach of the year award. Photography by Deborah Powell

Good things come in threes for SAIT Trojans women’s basketball coach Donovan Martin.  He’s been awarded the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference’s south division coach of the year award for the third time.
“It’s an honour, but it’s also a result of team work.  I am a team with my assistant coach, Ranbir Parmar,” said Martin.
Martin’s distinguished career spans 42 years.  Beginning as an athlete in high school, Martin then progressed into his college coaching career in 1980 at Mount Royal College.
Martin coached there for  eight years, then  took a break  so he could attend his own children’s high school games.  When  they graduated, Martin coached the Cougars for another nine years.
In 2007 Martin, a retired  teacher,  joined the SAIT basketball squad. In just his third season, they won the ACAC championship.
So what is the secret ingredient that makes a good  coach a great coach?
“He believes in us and understands what goes on  in our minds,” said Annalise Posein, Trojan forward  and broadcasting student.
Trojans guard Taylor Pillsworth agrees. “He listens to us, and gives us a chance to speak. He views the game from our perspective,” said the business administration student.
Martin instills a strong work ethic in his players and pride in what they are trying to accomplish.
“It takes good players to be recognized as a good coach,” said Martin. “One can’t have success without the other. They have the athletic ability but they also have the drive and the commitment to win.”
Most of all, Martin wants the game to be a source of joy, not only for his players but  for himself as well. He enjoys “associating with young people. It’s their energy and their enthusiasm that keeps me going.”
In the off-season, Martin  works on  his hay farm in DeWinton, Alta.

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