Three Trojan teams ready for playoff action

Friday, February 25, 2011 === Mens Hockey === Trojan Clay Goodall beats Concordia Thunder netminder Richard Gagnon during the first game of the ACAC semi-final playoffs round on February 25, 2011. The game started over an hour and a half late as fans and athletes waited for ref's to arrive, but the wait was well worth it for the men of Troy as they went on to achieve a 8-0 victory of the Thunder. Photo By: Andrew Crossett

Men’s Volleyball
It’s going to be a year of rebuilding as the Trojan men’s volleyball team end their season in seventh place. The team lost their first two post-season games against the Kings University College Eagles and the Grande Prairie Wolves, losing both games with a score of 1–3 the team managed to finish on a high note when they beat the MacEwan Griffins for the seventh place spot with a score of 3–1 mostly on the prowess of rookie players.
The final game showed that even though the team lost as many as nine players in the offseason, the rookies can still perform. Using this opportunity, coach Marsden started the rebuilding process early in order to avoid the punishing start a team often feels in a rebuilding year.
Women’s Basketball
It was a tense weekend for the women’s basketball team when they almost saw their near- perfect season come to a close much too early. Losing their first game to the Augustana Vikings on Feb. 25 in overtime, the Trojan women barely managed to squeak out a winner, 80-73, to force the quarter final series into game three. In the final game, Trojan star Rachel Caputo scored an amazing college career high of 38 points,  28 of them when it really mattered in the fourth quarter. The Trojans move on to host the ACAC’s final four championship on March 4 and 5.
Men’s hockey
The hockey men are showing themselves to be a dominating force in the playoffs. Starting their best-of-five series on Feb. 25, the team destroyed the CUCA Thunder with an embarrassing score of 8-0.  Not wanting to be walked over, the Thunder rallied back in the second game on Feb. 26. But the Trojans still took the matchup with a score of 3-2. The series continues with a third and possible final game of the semi-finals on March 4 giving the Trojan men time to prepare for the kill.
Men’s basketball
It was a short playoff run for the men’s basketball team. They started their quarter-final playoff matchup against the Lakeland Rustlers and lost in two back-to-back games on Feb. 24 and 25. Losing with relatively close scores of 87-92 and 80-85, the squad is left to regroup and prepare for a fresh start next season.
Women’s hockey
The women’s hockey semi-final series is shaping up to be a stellar matchup with the Trojan women and the NAIT Ooks splitting back-to-back games on Feb. 24 and 25.  With close scores in both games the teams are evenly matched and both are out for blood. The teams have until March 3 to rest and prepare for game three of this best of five series.

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