Good communication between refs and coaches critical to game

On any given night, a sports game referee can endure a litany of complaints. How fans, coaches and players treat a referee could make the game a nightmare or an enjoyable experience.
Referees have to prepare themselves for every game despite the atmosphere surrounding the game.
“It’s pretty good as Calgary has a couple of good teams in SAIT and Mount Royal. It depends on the night but there is a level respect,” said Chris Pelletier, head referee for ACAC basketball.
Preparation is a vital part of getting focused for a game, he said.
When a coach is analyzing the game from the bench, the vision is different than the referee’s and the communication between the two sides can be crucial in the outcome of a game.“I believe communication between a referee and a coach is a two way process. Both parties are responsible for this communication during a game,” said Jim McLean, assistant coach with the Trojan men’s hockey team.
When assigning refs for a competitive league such as the ACAC only the  top officials are selected.“We make sure we have the best on any given night and we choose from a list of 21 top officials,” said Pelletier.
When referees officiate a game, they want feedback on their overall performance.
“The feedback is pretty good and SAIT as well as Mount Royal take care of us. If there is a problem they take care of it,” said Pelletier. “Game tapes are usually available to evaluate ourselves.”
From a coaching perspective, McLean said players should determine the outcome of a game and referees are there to call the game by the rules. “I think fans are vocal (in) all aspects of a game whether it is a goal, a big hit or even a perceived bad call. As long as fans are not involved physically with any part of the game I think referees are treated fairly.”

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