Buddy up to slim down

Gabrielle Corvari, medical transcription student shares a laugh with Dan Macphee in the Wellness Centre. Having a regular workout partner can help keep you motivated says Iris Pinder of Multisport Fitness.

If you feel bored at the thought of running on the treadmill to the same play list yet again, then partnering up with a buddy to spice up your fitness routine may be a good alternative.
Iris Pinder, owner of Multisport Fitness says having a buddy system works because you have another person to keep you motivated and on track.
“It can work through a competitive state, supportive state or even just for the social aspect of having someone going through the workout with you,” says Pinder. “You are accountable to not only your trainer but the person you are working with.”
The benefits include a firmer commitment, a competitive challenge, exercise versatility, support and affordability.
However, before creating your buddy system make sure it fits your lifestyle and personality.  “Every person has different reasons for starting a fitness program,” says Pinder.
The buddy system may not be the best choice because sometimes people prefer to work out alone depending on athletic background.
“Some sports are solo competitors and others are team. The same goes with training,” says Pinder. “Cost could also be another reason.”
Whether you’re looking for a new fitness program or starting one all together, a buddy system offers a social and supportive twist on working out that makes it fun and more bearable.
Personal trainers Iris Pinder and Llew Edwards offer their top buddy workouts:

Roll up Stands with Chest Pass
One person does a roll up crunch. Start from a standing position holding a medicine ball, roll back onto a mat curling through your vertebrae, now roll back up to the standing position. Once you come to a standing position you chest-press pass the ball to your partner, throwing the ball as hard as you can. The partner then throws the ball back and the exercise starts again. When one person has completed a set, switch positions
This exercise is a full body workout and utilizes strength and cardio.

Sling Shot with Jumps
Attach the sling shot apparatus to each person at the waist. Start side by side. Shuffle run away from each other then jump as high as you can. When you land hold the landing for a second. Return to the start and then repeat. It’s OK to be out of sync because it adds to the exercise. The tension on the band will cause core muscles to engage at different points of execution.
This exercise is again a full body workout that helps with coordination, speed and power.

Lebert Buddy System Rows with Squat
Using the Lebert Buddy System one person is doing a two handle alternating row. The other person holds one handle and does squats.
This exercise allows each person to get a full body workout and focuses on balance and coordination.

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