PLAYERS TAKE: Chelsea Overwater

The Weal’s Jeff Clemens asks Chelsea Overwater from the Trojans women’s volleyball team a few questions.
Do you remember the first time you played volleyball? What’s your most cherished volleyball memory?
The first time I played was Grade 7 in junior high. My most cherished volleyball memory would have to be being named MVP in Grade 12, and making the SAIT team.
What position do you play and what do you do there?
I play middle. I block people and hit the ball hard.
Do you have a ritual that you partake in before every game?
I always put on left leg equipment first, and then right leg. I chew half of a piece of gum before the game, and the second piece once warm-up is done.
What kind of music gets you ready to play?
Fast, upbeat music, but not that pop Ke$ha junk.

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