Horoscopes : February 10, 2011

Horoscope Feb. 10 – Feb. 16

Don’t hold your breath when it comes to romance. That promising situation could backfire big time. On the upside, enjoy your singlehood.
A new approach presents itself. You are recreating yourself. All areas of your world seem to improve right now. Enjoy the shine.
The drama has subsided for now. Save your strength for round two. Use your words carefully and this could turn out much better than you thought.
It’s been a rough ride for you, and you may be feeling extra-sensitive. By week’s end, you’ll have your groove back.
An exotic person will catch your eye this week. Take a chance on love. You know you want some.
Your creature comforts will feel important this week. Curling up in your favourite chair with a good book is my advice. Don’t let that bully get the better of you.
Things lighten up for you. You’ll even find a lucky break or two. Beauty and esthetics are important to you and you’ll find the occasion to strut your stuff.
Yikes! A sticky situation could need your undivided attention. Be on the look out for energy vampires.
Your sassiness will be appreciated this week. You may be asked to host a swanky event. When you figure out who you’re actually interested in, make a move.
A break-through in a long-standing truce. Use this opportunity to say what you really mean. In matters of the heart, don’t waste your time. You’ve seen the red flags.
Slow down. You move too fast. Take time to enjoy this week. You may find a gem where you least expect it. Money comes just in time.
An item you thought lost turns up mysteriously. Your faith in humanity may come back. You might be asked to give a little more than you are willing. Know your boundaries.

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