Find love at the gym

When your best efforts to meet a special someone at the gym don't pay off, you can always ask, "which way to the beach?" Genesta Walz photo illustration

For John Halla, a first-year architecture technology student, the last thing he’s thinking about while picking up weights during his workout is picking up a date.
“You go there to get in shape, and you’re all sweaty,” says Halla. “When you’re not looking your best it’s kind of hard to go up to someone.”
But dating coach and president of Six Minute Dates, Cara Anderson, says the gym is an excellent place to meet people, especially from a woman’s stand point.
“If you’re thinking of the three places that guys go, it’s really the gym, anything to do with sports, and anything to do with drinking,” says Anderson.
To have ultimate success in the gym, Anderson says that it’s all in the way you approach the situation.
“Take the right opportunity and the right moment to approach someone,” Anderson says.
For those of you who pump iron and squat till you lose the feeling in your legs, the Weal has come up with a few pointers to find love at the gym.
Dave Squirrell, manager of  North West Fitness, said the gym is a good place to find a date at the gym. “It’s quite possible,” he says. “You get to find someone with the same interests as you.”
1. Offer to spot someone: This goes for both women and men. If you see someone lifting weights who sparks your interest, offering to help gives you a great opportunity to start up a conversation. Take advantage of any opportunity for physical contact and let your hands linger after you’ve racked the weights.
2. Say something nice: Compliment the object of your desire, or ask for a tutorial on how to use their favourite piece of equipment to its full potential. Whether you’re new to the gym or a vet, there are always new things to be learned. Asking for help not only initiates conversation, but it will also make the other person feel useful and knowledgeable.
3. Stretch in front of them: Parking yourself in front of a potential spark to do some stretching is a sure way to get noticed. This is an opportunity to show off what you’ve been working towards at the gym. Follow by casually making eye contact and shooting a smile. Wait for the right moment, take a risk and introduce yourself.
If all else fails, throw downa  few cheesy pick-up lines. As you finish up your bicep curls find a cutie and ask “which way to the beach?” as you kiss your muscles. We can’t promise that will work but hey, it’ll get a laugh.

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