Weal Web Picks – January 20, 2011

Like any great superpower, the Internet can be used for both good and evil. This week, web picks takes the road less travelled and offers up these site suggestions to make the world a better place. Or at least a little less sucky.
As citizens of a relatively free nation, it can be easy to forget while we’re casually surfing the web for naked pictures of celebrities or a new gorilla costume that human beings on the other side of the world are being tortured and are suffering. Maybe you’ve heard of the plight of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, a mother of two who is being held in an Iranian prison facing death by stoning.
Apathy aside, there is something we can do. By lending our words and names to Amnesty International via their website, we can give them the power to lean on a government and officials who would bury a woman up to her breasts in a hole in the ground and then have men hurl stones of a specified weight and size at her until she dies.
In Japan it’s cool to chase dolphins into a cove with boats so you can butcher them alive once they’re too tired to get away. While Japan’s beef with Godzilla is understandable, their hatred for dolphins remains an enigma. We’ve stopped clubbing baby seals to death, so there’s no reason why we can’t prevent these folks from Freddy Kruegering friendly wild dolphins.

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