Twisted love finds its way to stage

”]A love story used to be boy meets girl, both fall in love and live happily ever after. But it’s not quite that simple anymore.
In fact, it’s just a bit more twisted.
Forte Musical Theatre’s new musical production Twisted boils down unconventional connections and explores the driving forces behind them.
Director David van Belle says human interaction is crucial to the way humans understand themselves.
“One of the notions we’ve been exploring is that relationships define us,” says van Belle.
“You could think you know your identity, but if you really want to know about yourself, look at your relationships with other people and other things. If your relationships are twisted, what does that say about you?”
Not everything in the show is person-to-person relationships. Humans naturally bond with inanimate objects and abstract concepts, and Twisted explores humanity’s relationships within alcoholism, narcissism and sexuality through song,
“One of (the songs) is about the relationship to celebrity, which is pretty creepy,” says van Belle.
Cast member Elinor Holt says the wide-reaching scope of the play is pulled together by a single commonality.
“It’s very cabaret like,” she says. “The songs stand alone. What they do have in common is an emotional standpoint.”
The production is aimed at relating extreme human experiences to everyday life by exploring emotional connections and challenging perceptions of what we view as abnormal.
“I think as much variety as there is in the show, there will be just as much variety in the reaction to it and what people take away from it,” says Holt.
However, not everything in the show is polyamory, alcoholism and sex.
She says the musical looks at traditional relationships as well. One song is about falling in love, and another about a couple, who – after many years together – watch their relationship degrade and fall apart.
“Some of it is very touching and quite sad.”
There’s also a lot of humour. “The tongue will be firmly planted in the cheek,” says Holt.
The show runs from Jan. 25 to Feb. 5. Tickets are available at pumphousetheatre.ca

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