Are you a freak for sneakin’ a peak?

Whether you are of either gender, chances are you’ve been in a locker room at some point in your life.
In my experience there are two kinds of people you can encounter in these situations:
1. The individual who is oh-so comfortable with shedding their clothing and carrying on as if they are, in fact, not buck naked.
2. The individual who will do anything from awkwardly changing under a towel to hiding in a bathroom stall to avoid anyone seeing their naughty bits.
To say either one of these individuals are in the wrong is up for debate.
Now ladies and gentlemen – if you have found yourselves encountering individual number one, and as they pop their tops or drop their pants, and lo and behold their breasts are in your face and their package is causally in your line of vision, one question may arise to you.
Are you a freak for sneaking a quick peak?
Registered psychologist Dr. Beth Hedva says identifying the motive behind a glance is usually dependent on the age group, but in most cases it is nothing but innocent, genuine curiosity.
“In our teens and young adulthood, it’s very common to want to compare ourselves to others to get a sense of how we measure up,” said Hedva.
“That awareness of wanting to belong and fit into the peer group is very common.”
While identifying whether we are similar or different to others, body image and self-esteem come into play.
“Our self-worth is often identified with body image,” said Hedva.
“So if we think of ourselves as radically different, whether we are super skinny or overweight, that also can impact our self-esteem (which can result in) stealing glances.”
“A person can feel the difference between curiosity and a come on,” said Hedva.
Ella Lewis, 22, a SAIT dental assistant student, grew up in the locker room due to her involvement in hockey throughout her life.
“I have been around it all my life because of sports so it doesn’t bother me,” said Lewis. “You just get used to it.”
Although most glances in the locker room are innocent enough, Hedva said there can be other motivations behind them.
“Many of us have had difficult sexual experiences or violations or someone has crossed boundaries with us,” said Hedva. “If that’s happened, someone might be even more sensitive to glances that are curious as opposed to provocative and someone may feel invaded.”
Whether you hide behind a towel or sport your birthday suit with pride, don’t be surprised if someone glances your way or, if by chance, you catch yourself sneaking a peak across the locker room, don’t sweat it.

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