Player’s Take: Lucas Jacobson

The Weal’s Jeff Clemens asks Lucas Jacobson, of the men’s Volleyball team, a few questions:

How long have you played volleyball? What is your background?
I have played volleyball since grade 8, so for eight years now. My background isn’t really a volleyball background though. Mostly I played hockey and lacrosse, but volleyball was just something I enjoyed and decided to pursue instead of hockey.

What did you do on the bye week to prepare?
I took some time off. We had a lot of team meetings to make sure that everyone was on the same page. When we practiced we did a bit more game play just to keep us ready for the weekend.

Who have you found to be your biggest rival?
Our biggest rival is either Mount Royal or RDC. For me personally, I feel it’s Red Deer just because I played my first year there. I always feel like I have something extra to prove when I play against that program.

What game are you most anticipating?
I am definitely looking forward to the RDC weekend. There isn’t a game I get more excited for because they are a great program and have a good team … It’s definitely more personal with me when it comes around to playing Red Deer.

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