Buy less, live more

Nov. 25 marks the annual international Buy Nothing Day. Initiated by Vancouver artist Ted Dave, BND began to provoke discussion about consumerism, and is held in direct contrast to Black Friday. Marking the first day of Christmas shopping in America, Black Friday was coined because it’s the day retailors move from “into the red” to making money.
“When it comes right down to it, it’s not that we believe a single day without shopping makes a big enough impact in itself,” wrote Dave on “But if we stop and think about it for a day, we might find out that we’re more deeply tangled in the dragnet of consumerism than we imagined.” According to Adbusters BND will be celebrated in 316 cities.
Shopping Stats
Dollar figure Canadians say they plan to spend on the holiday season this year, according to a TNS Canada poll: $812
The amount Canadians said they planned to spend last year: $866
Number of Americans expected to spend cash on the Black Friday weekend in 2010: 138 million
The year that Black Friday hit its peak with 147-million shoppers: 2007
The percentage of shoppers who were at it before 4 a.m. that year: 14
Number of employees trampled to death in 2008 at a Walmart in Valley Stream, N.Y., during an early morning doorbuster sale: 1
Number of people injured in the same rush: 4

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