Buy into buy nothing day

Buy Nothing Day is an attempt to remind us of the authenticity that can be found in living simply. This is the immeasurable goal after all, an authentic life.
Inauthentic is buying, driving, preening, scoring, trying, vying, etc.
But we are a culture of consumers. We have chosen flashy and attractive customs through consistent and long-standing behaviour. And yet, we should protest against it?
Remote tribes of people, untouched by the “evils” of Western society, value wealth too. Their homes and harvests establish worth in their societies, just as they do in ours.
Possessions help us define our tastes and interests. Our identities are wrapped up in the art on our walls and the shoes on our feet. If we hate them, we hate ourselves.
Extreme anti-consumerist sentiment creates a culture of self-loathing misanthropes.
We chose to worship money. We built our cities around ways to spend it.
All roads lead to a Wal-mart, a Safeway, a shopping mall. Are all the roads inauthentic then? Is the love and laughter we share while travelling on them any less joyous?
With regular church going out of the picture, the mall has become our meeting place, our town square. We are socially dependant on the interactions awaiting us in line-ups and cash registers.
Shopping brings us together. Suburban sprawl is isolating, so a trek to the mall where we can see and interact with other humans can connect us again.
We need to stop feeling miserable about ourselves for our attempts to feel better.

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