Tyler’s Take – Sufjan Stevens, The Age of Adz

Sufjan Stevens has finally lost his mind with the release of his long-awaited tenth album, The Age Of Adz.
Rumours has it Stevens spent the better part of 2009 suffering from a strange virus that affected his nervous system, forcing him to take a break from making music. The result is something out of a late ‘70s sci-fi movie.
You won’t miss out on any of Stevens’ deliciously-breathy vocals, but his music has taken a turn even diehard fans couldn’t have expected. Say goodbye to banjo-ridden folk gems, and welcome lasers streaming though a robotic galaxy.
Several years ago, Stevens said he wanted to create an even more orchestral sound and it’s likely that no one (possibly not even Stevens) had a clue what that would sound like.
Already established as a folk-inspired, orchestral composer, Stevens clearly had no desire to remake fan favourites, Michigan or Illinoise. (A project which aimed at writing a record for each of the American states, but is now abandoned.)
The line “I’m not fucking around,” is repeated several times on the track, I Want To Be Well, so it seems his on-again-off-again Christian themes are definitely more off than on this time around.
Yes, the Age Of Adz is a far cry from previous works – such as the heavily Bible-themed Seven Swans released in 2004 – but one thing remains clear, Stevens is an amazing songwriter.
Love it or hate it, he’s back. However, his new album is less of an album, and more of an experience.
-by Tyler Ostermayer

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