Maurice takes on this Big Country

In making their new album, Victoria–based Maurice nixed fancy production studios, and opted to go back to their basement roots.
“All songs were recorded in either my apartment, or in the basement of our friend,” said JP Maurice, lead vocalist and guitarist. “The song The City was recorded out at Gulf Islands in our friends parents’ cabin.”
Call them a little gun shy, after their experience on their first album. The process was simply too long.
Young People with Faces, released in March 2010, was a culmination of six years worth of material that was shelved while the band shopped around for a label.
Once signed by Warner Brothers, the band flew to Los Angeles where they experienced their first recording process with a major producer.
By the time the CD was finished it had been two years since they’d been in the studio, and nearly eight years since some of the songs had been written. “It wasn’t the best representation of who we currently were as a band,” said Maurice.
Taking a different, more DIY approach to recording this time around, Big Country offers a raw insight into the band as it is today.
Released on Oct. 25, the album coincides with a cross-Canada tour, which began in Hamilton on Nov. 8.
Due to a lack of funding for the entirety of the tour, the band’s leader and namesake will perform solo for his Eastern fans, offering an acoustic performance. The group will reunite on Nov. 19 for a show at the Gateway.
“Calgary is like our second home,” said Maurice, who added the Gate is the band’s favourite venue to play.
“We have a great following there, maybe even more so than in Vic. We always get such great energy from our Calgary fans.”

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