Maurice Big Country EP Review

Don’t let the title of Maurice’s album fool you into thinking it’s twang-ridden effort of the country music genre. Big Country is actually a charmingly-poppy, six-song release with potential to send these Canadian pretty-boys into mainstream success.
The unfortunate thing about EPs is that they’re always over before you really get to sink your teeth into the music. Just as you’re falling in love with the material, the record is over and you either have to start it again, or move on to something else.
Fortunately for Maurice, and whoever happens upon their music, they write songs that should peak enough of your interest to make you want to hear them again. At the very least, you might take notice whenever their next full-length drops.
They’ve got a decent sound. Focusing almost equally on keys and guitar, this band isn’t making your average riff-rock.
Front man Jean-Paul Maurice pens interesting lyrics about sex and relationships as well. A few of the tracks describe in almost intimate detail the events that have lead to the ultimate end of his courtships.
His vocals are strong and, at times, even haunting. They’re similar to Radiohead, but not quite as progressed as Thom Yorke. Then again, Radiohead have been at this game for decades, and Maurice have been at it just a little while.

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