Fill your grocery bag with healthy food without emptying your wallet

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Eating healthily is not as costly as many students believe.
Karla Winter, nutrition and food sanitation instructor for SAIT School of Hospitality and Tourism, said a balanced nutritional diet on a student budget is achievable.
Students need to “buy smartly,” said Winter. Look for sales and clip coupons. Buying frozen, which she says is just as good as fresh, and buying bulk to split the cost with fellow students are two easy fixes for high prices.
If students can make the time, preparing healthy meals won’t burden their budgets and will greatly benefit them in the long run, said Winter.
In honour of Good Nutrition Month, here’s her list of best and healthiest buys.

Grocery List/Receipt
Approx one week of meals.
Milk (2L)    $3.40
Eggs (1 dozen)    1.99
Cheese (0.45kg)    6.49
Whole wheat bread    1.67
Bulk boneless chicken (6 pieces)    12.62
Bulk hamburger (2lb)    14.47
Corn flakes (750g)    5.22
Large flake oats    4.55
Concentrated juice (4)    4.60
Apples (per lb)    0.99
Bananas (per lb)    0.79
Peppers (per lb)    1.99
Lettuce (per head)    1.79
Bag of carrots    1.79
Broccoli (per lb)    1.69
Frozen mixed vegetables (1kg)    3.31
Frozen mixed berries (600g)    6.99
Salad dressing & grilling sauce    5.29
Pasta sauce (680mL)    2.99
Pasta (900g)    2.50
Butter (1lb)    3.49
Peanut butter (500g)    3.49
Rice (1kg)    3.99
Sandwich meat (175g)    2.79
TOTAL    $97.10

Items are listed at their regular cost
and no coupons were used.

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